The SAIL Programme

St Anne’s Interconnected Learning (SAIL) provides a framework which supports the personal development of all our students. Our school ethos embodies a strong vision for character and personal development underpinned by Catholic Social teachings, Gospel Values and our LSU Virtues.

The values of a Christian School are those that are role modelledby Jesus and revealed to us in the Gospels. These Gospel Valuesinclude hope, faith, love, acceptance, justice and reconciliation.

As an LSU school, we hold our charism of Union at the heart of our work. The Values of an LSU community are those found in the Vision Statement and we focus in particular on developing the LSU Virtues of:

Warm Relationships

SAIL provides opportunities for our students to develop these Values and Virtues through learning and practice. Our aim is to ensure that all students in the school are given the opportunity to participate regardless of background and that they are offered experiences they would not otherwise get. We are a school that focuses on formation, education and enrichment of the whole person.

These opportunities help our young people to explore and express their character, build the skills they need for resilience, empathy and employability and discover their vocation in life.

SAIL is made up of the six areas shown below. Students are encouraged to take part in a variety of activities and experiences within these areas. Students keep a brief record of their activities each term on their SAIL profile in their logbook. If they complete all six areas they receive a certificate and are recognised in celebration assemblies.  At the end of each term we also ask students to reflect on the areas of SAIL they can further develop.

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