All members of the St Anne’s community have the opportunity to participate in school chaplaincy. There are many opportunities to do so including be a part of our chaplaincy team.
Our chaplaincy team has two parts:
1. Some members of staff bring their interests, gifts and talents to contribute to the chaplaincy work of the school.  This is co-ordinated by the RE department.  Members of staff make the religious life of the school come alive for both students and adults through liturgy, music, drama and many other types of creativity.  They organise clubs and charity events and look after our school chapel.  They are here for Christian and non-Christian students and staff.

2. Our student leaders are a special part of our chaplaincy team.  They come from each tutor group in the school and are overseen by our chaplaincy prefects.  They help with the organisation of daily prayers and get involved in special events and activities.
All students are encouraged to get involved, even if they are not student leaders. They can help to organise prayers or run charity events. They might get involved on one of our big celebration days or participate at Mass. Getting involved in some aspect of chaplaincy is part of what it is to be a rounded person and there are opportunities for people with different interests and different gifts to be part of it. Their efforts can also be recognised as part of their SAIL profile.

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Our chaplaincy provision is enriched by partnerships with a number of agencies.  These include:

  • The wider LSU community
  • St Edmund's Parish
  • Religious Orders in Education
  • Highfield SHINE
  • MHA Communities
  • Honeypot
  • Explore

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