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St Anne’s Catholic School, Carlton Road, Southampton, SO15 2WZ

023 8032 8200

Julian Waterfield, Acting Head teacher via

Press enquiries 07713 517393

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Student absence

Please email attendance@ or telephone the school to report your child’s absence. Please note that you must use the email address registered with the school. If you have recently changed your contact details, please email them to info@ and we will contact you for verification.

Safeguarding concern

Please email safe@ if you have a safeguarding concern. If it is an emergency, do not email, but call 999.

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Request information

Please email info@ if you need a hard copy of any of our policies or any information on our website, we provide this free of charge.

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Please use the enquiries form below and include the name of the staff member(s) your thanks are for.

St Anne's respects the privacy and work/life balance of all the community. For their own wellbeing, we are happy for families to communicate with the school at a time that suits them, but with the understanding that we do not expect our staff to check or respond to email when they are not at work, at weekends or during holidays. Teaching staff will prioritise teaching activities and we cannot guarantee your email will be read the same day you send it. Support staff emails will only be read on working days and if an email has been sent after 16:00 on any working day, then it will most likely be processed the following working day. In line with our school values, we feel that verbal communication is usually the best way to liaise with the school.

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