Catholic life

Our Catholic identity comes from the tradition of the LSU Sisters who founded schools that welcome everyone. St Anne's is diverse, multi-cultural and vibrant as a community of faiths. We are united by our shared values, not divided by our differences!

Our school’s ethos can be felt throughout daily life.  We start each day in prayer, either in tutor groups, year groups or as a whole school and together read the same readings as the worldwide Church.  Whatever our backgrounds we know that together as a family we can grow according to our own traditions.

We take part in charity events throughout the year because we know that all life is connected and we can have a positive effect on those in need through giving our time, talents and treasures.  

We celebrate our community with joy in special events through the year, especially our annual St Anne’s Day celebrations in the summer term.

In class, every subject recognises that we are stronger when we see academic subjects working together and when we remember that there is more to the world than just physical things.

We try to show the virtues and characteristics that Jesus expected of Christians in the Gospels and we remember especially the importance of the virtues of members of LSU communities: Simplicity, Hospitality, Openness and Warm Relationships.

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