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The best people to tell you about life at St Anne's are the students themselves so here's what they had to say...

“My experience with St Anne’s has been nothing less than wonderful.”

“It has been an amazing academic journey since day one and has made me more confident as a person. When you enroll your child at St Anne's, you can count on know the lovely faculty team that gives endless support and our diverse community that makes St Annes a well knitted family. There are a plethora of different opportunities available such as Youth Speaks, The School Performance and Dance Live- not to mention our various clubs and trips. Student can gain leadership skills whilst being part of the student body through being house captain or student voice and it really gives the students a chance to make a change to our community.”
Head Girl 2023-24

“I will forever cherish my experience at St Anne’s, with the amazing support provided by the excellent teachers and countless opportunities this school has provided.”

“I also believe that St Anne’s has truly captured the catholic ethos by welcoming everyone lovingly into our school, ultimately enriching our faith community. This solid foundation has allowed me to reach my full potential and beyond. I have always felt like I have belonged here at St Anne’s, so my hope is that everyone will feel that way too.”
Head Girl 2023-24

We work together to strive to be the best that we can be and to live life to the full.

“If I had to describe the St Anne’s community in one word it would definitely be loving.”

“From day one in year 7 I felt so welcomed and safe in the school environment it began to feel like a second home to me. I made friends really quickly simply because everyone at the school is so nice! The teachers are so supportive and helped me achieve great GCSE grades and also helped me grow into a well-rounded individual ready to venture off into the world on my own. I had the best time at secondary and I wanted to continue my amazing journey at St Anne's so I decided to come to Sixth Form too! I have never looked back and I think anyone that doesn’t come to St Anne's is really missing out!”
House Captain 2023-24

“St Anne's has been no less than a family away from my own family.”

“Having an amazing support system of teachers and like minded students surrounding me made me settle in very quickly. St Anne's provides you with amazing opportunities both in secondary school and sixth form while keeping the catholic ethos as the core of everything that happens. During the lower years of school, the teachers prepare you extremely well for GCSE's and life beyond school. In sixth form they help you with every little obstacle in life as you enter your adult years. Staying at St Anne’s for these past 6 years is a decision that I will never regret and will forever remember the lovely memories I’ve made along the way.”
House Captain 2023-24

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