Catholic Social Teaching

Catholic Social Teaching is at the heart of what we believe it means to be human. Our vision statement reminds us that we must reveal God’s love in all aspects of life, to all people, in all situations – in every corner of the world.

Catholics have talked about Catholic Social Teaching for over a hundred years but the message goes back to the Bible.  It reminds us that we share this universe with all people – that all people are made in God’s image and as Christians, we must be people who will walk alongside and stand up for anyone whose dignity is not being recognised and make sure that by caring for our common home, we do not create a planet that makes life harder for anyone.

We try to ensure that Catholic Social Teaching is visible in every corner of school life, not just in chaplaincy work or the RE classroom.  

At St Anne’s, we have chosen to talk about Catholic Social Teaching using the following seven strands:

  • Dignity
  • Solidarity
  • The Common Good
  • The Option for the Poor
  • Care for Creation
  • Peace
  • The Dignity of Work and Participation

We often use a design that places the words of these strands inside our LSU cross to remind us that Catholic Social Teaching is at the heart of the LSU vision.

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